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Andrei Cristian Ganea a.k.a. Andrei C both DJ & Producer with a refined and specific style. His productions are always recognized by his staple sounds in Deep House, Tech and Techno. His passion for hip hop shows in nearly every one of his tracks. He works full time at his home studio by day and keeps busy at the night in the clubs of Italy. Requests for his music production never stops. He continues to collaborate with many different labels and artists from around the world.Andrei C is the resident dj @cantieri club (Italy) playing along side his partner Crime(italy) and several other well known artists: Fabio Florido, Carlo Ruetz, Sinisa Tamamovic, Mladen Tomic, Wade, Lola, Sandre Crom, Bartolomeo, Di Chiara Brothers, Cuartero and many more!His music is supported and played in many parts of the world by mainstream and underground Djs, along with Radio support from : Radio deea(ro), Radio umr(it).