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Rodrigo Diaz, is one of the most well known and respected DJ’s / Producers of his home town of Mar Del Plata, Argentina. He has gained world wide attention from fans, fellow artists and industry professionals. Since he began his DJ career, he has covered the club circuit of Mar del Plata.  Sobremonte, Avalon, Pinar de Rocha, Sauro, Chocolate, Mr Jones, are just a few of the events that have defined Rodrigo Diaz as one of the most sought after DJs of his city. After many years of producing, his style has evolved to his current sound that generates dark and hypnotized atmospheres, between the minimal and techno genres. He always maintains a very defined groove within his style. His has had several releases on countless labels such as, Minicoffee, Stanch, Flat Belly, Define, Dark Face, Pisso, Bosphorus Underground, Plusquam Division, CodeRhythm, Secret Weapon, LAD, Nutempo, Bequem Digital, Code2 Rec, B-Division, Sebian, Progrezo, Fish Rec, and naturally, Fierce Animal Recordings.