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Q: I've paid, where is my product!?

A: If you have paid for a physical product, these things take time to ship. We rely on well respected carriers who generally deliver on time, but if the order is taking longer than you were told, please notify us immediately. For a Digital Product Download, the process should be very easy, but if you have any trouble. send us an email to info@fierceanimals.com and we'll be in touch asap.

Q: What Format do Fierce Animal Digital Audio Files come in?

A: Digital Audio files are 24bit .wav files compatible for most DAW’s on both Windows and MAC operating systems.

Q: How many downloads am I allowed for my purchase?

A: You are allowed 1 download for use on no more than 3 Devices / Computers. By default, we allow up to 5 download Attempts and 5 days to complete the download.

Q: What does “Royalty Free” mean?

A: "Royalty Free" means - you do not own the rights to the products you purchase, but you can use the product in your own productions for private or commercial use.

Q: Can I share my Fierce Animal Digital Product(s) with others, like to collaborate on a project ?

A: Yes and No, Your license does not allow you to copy, torrent, or file share network or make public the original Fierce Animal Digital Product content. You can send bounced original tracks that have been created using Fierce Animal Digital Products to anyone the world.

Q: My hard drive crashed and I need a fresh download, how do I get a new one?

A: Contact us at info@fierceanimals.com - We will confirm your original purchase and then give you information to download a replacement copy.

Q: Do you offer Educational / Government / Non-Profit Discounts?

A: YES., contact us at info@fierceanimals.com and we will contact you with the details.

Q: Can I use Fierce Animal Digital Products to create a new sample pack?

A. You can't just copy and rename the files to create a new product but you can use the samples to create new unique sounds which then you own.

Q: I’m a music producer, how can I get my music / samples / loops / construction kits / or other digital audio files on the Fierce Animals Store / Label? How do I send a demo?

A: Fierce Animals always looking to find new artists / producers / content from around the world. If you'd like to submit your demo, please contact us at info@fierceanimals.com